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föstudagur, júlí 14, 2006

An Icelandic Clairvoyant´s Journey to the U.S.A.
In my lectures given at various organizations over the years, I have sometimes for sheer entertainment, recollected my own psychic experiences along with emphasizing the importance of positive thinking.
In the following passage I will share with you an example of just such a psychic experience.
This took place in Connecticut in the United States of America. I travelled there in 1983 with a dear friend of mine who was visiting her sister. Our plan was to stay with this woman for a few weeks but she lived with her two grown sons. When we arrived, I and my friend were granted the use of the basement of the house to out own privileges. It was truly a cosy environment.
Before going any further with my story I want to mention, that when our airplane was speeding over the U.S.A. I expirienced, to my great surprise, a strong feeling of sadness. I was filled with almost an unbearable sense of misery and some sort of unexplicable hopelessness. These strange feelings increased when the plane was about to land. It was as if I was swimming through a stream of thoughts, conflicts of human emotions and feelings, which I related to violence, fighting and war.
A “stream of thoughts” is what I choose to call a phenomenon that can only be compared with an invisible cloud, which is only seen and sensed by clairvoyants. These clouds hover over countries, cities and anywhere were human relations have occurred. They are a living force, formed by human thoughts, constantly mobile and very active, for good or for evil, depending on the thoughts that originally created them. In the eyes of clairvoyants the various colours are therefore either beautiful or morbid. The affect these “streams of thoughts” can have on the human soul can be very positive or literally paralyzing. Such is the importance and power of thought. That’s why it occurred to me, as our plane prepared for landing, that this area must be filled with unfinished dilemmas in the communication between the dead and the living.
Therefore it wasn’t exactly surprising when I, on my very first night there, sensed a crowd of souls roaming around in my basement housing. I am quite aware of the fact, that many of you who will read this and are not psychic and full of scepticism, will consider this to be a fantasy. In regards to that kind of oppinions I have only this to say: to me this is all completely real, even though it may be hidden from most. It is understandable that not all of us are able to believe what we can’t see for ourselves, even though it is explained with logical reasoning.
But let me continue with my story. I quickly realized that in the presence of all those long since dead people, there was one being that seemed to have the strongest longing for communication with me. She was a young, strikingly beautiful Native-American girl, with rich, shining hair, a high, intelligent-looking forehead, dark eye-setting and an unusually captivating look in her eyes, almost magical. She slowly approached my bed and looked at me intensely, with beautiful, tearfilled eyes, that reflected her desperation, sadness and fear. She held out her arms, as in prayer, and with a tearchoked voice that was at the same time full of hope and faith, she said: “Help me! Please help me. I can’t find my child. I’m so desperate. For a long time I have tried to communicate with those who have stayed here, but to no avail. But when I saw you I was filled with hope. You can see and hear me. I know and believe that you will be able to help me in my misery, tired and exhausted as I am.”
I was both surprised and touched at the same time. What was I supposed to do? Why was she haunting this house? Why had she been seperated from her child?
It is true that I have been clairvoyant and had extrasensory hearing since I was a child. Even though I have for years tried to help people with their earthly existence, I was in serious doubt that I would be able to ease the grieving of a dead person. For some reason I pushed her away from me, because frankly I believed this was to much for me to tackle. But my decision made no difference, because that sweet but unhappy girl kept manifesting, night after night, repeating her plea. I eventually decided to do everything in my power to support her. I decided to travel the bountiful road of prayer. If it was the will of God that I become the channel of salvation in this matter and the girl be granted her wish, then I was ready. All I asked for was a reasonable and just solution for her in her anguish, caused by her desperate search for her baby.
She was immediatly granted some relieve by my prayers and in a short period of time two very bright and shining creatures appeared and quietly led her away.
After this she didn’t appear to me for some time and I naturally assumed the matter to be out of my hands.
Then in one of the last evenings of our stay in the States, I and my friend were invited for a visit to some friends of our hostess. I want to note that I had previously confided my expirience with the Indian girl.to my friend whom I was traveling with. But to my great surprise and annoyance, we had barely sat down before she started to tell everyone present my secret and proceeded in describing in great detail my communication with the unfortunate Native-American soul, as if nothing were more natural. To even further my surprise, the man of the house we were visiting, listened with great enthusiasm and then enlightened us of the fact that in that very place where we had been staying, there had been an Indian camp and that it was documented in North-American History that military conflicts between white people and Native-American people took place there.
Even though I had originally been angry with my friend for blabbering about my secret to complete strangers, eventually I became very grateful, because the information derived from our host for that evening confirmed that what I had expirienced did indeed have valid roots in the reality of the past.
In my last night in the United States I expirienced one of the dearest moments of my life. Around midnight my sweet Indian girl appeared, radiant with happiness, full of gratefulness. At her side was an extraordinary beautiful and delicate little girl, that seemed to be her daughter. It’s difficult to describe the feelings that went through me at that moment. I became even more convinced of the power and will of God to help those who are in need. There was not a doubt in my mind that those two, mother and daughter, were destined to be reunited. It was wonderful for me to be granted the opportunity to lend a helping hand through warm thoughts and absolute trust in the will of God. Our eyes met for a moment and she said:”My dearest friend, if I can anytime in your journey through life, give you support, then remember that I have no stronger wish than to repay you in sincerity for what you have done for me and my child.” That being said, she smiled through her tears and vanished.
After my return to Iceland I often felt her presence, as if she were reminding me of her promise. That’s why it occurred to me to ask her to support a person that I was helping at that time and was very dear to me. This person also has impressive psychic abilities. It’s interesting to note that this person believes herself to have been surrounded by the concern and love of the dead girl and has seen her vividly, describing her in great detail. Our common perception of the Indian girl was very stimulating and uplifting for me.
I am perfectly aware that this little story of mine will not change people’s daily lives, but it is my hope that it may inspire people to treat others with kindness and Christianity. This story reflects the gross injustice inflicted upon Native-Americans by the white man and how the results of such tragedies can replay themselves in the eyes of the clairvoyant, years later.

þriðjudagur, júlí 11, 2006

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Samantekt og þýðing: Nína Rúna Kvaran
Rock Star

,,Að gera þessa kvikmynd var virkilega geggjuð lífsreynsla. Ég hef líka alltaf verið mikill þungarokksaðdáandi”, segir leikkonan Jennifer Aniston um nýjustu kvikmynd sína, Rock Star, sem SAM-bíóin munu frumsýna í byrjun næsta desember.
Árið er 1985 og Jennifer fer með hlutverk smábæjarstelpunnar Emily, sem flækist inn í skuggalega undirheima þungarokksins, í tilraun sinni til að halda í við kærastann sinn Chris Cole sem leikinn er af Mark Wahlberg.
Chris lifir og hrærist í þungarokki en í stað þess að gera sína eigin tónlist, dýrkar hann söngvarann í hljómsveitinni Steel Dragon og lætur sig dreyma um að standa í hans sporum. Emily (Jennifer) hefur mikla trú á rokkhæfileikum kærastans en þegar Chris fær loksins tækifæri til þess að láta rokkdrauma sína rætast, verður hin trygga kærasta út undan. Stjarna Chris rís og gamla kærastan fellur í bakgrunn öskrandi aðdáenda.
Eins og vaninn er í Hollywood, var mikil vinna og metnaður lögð í myndina enda ekki ófrægari menn en t.d. George Clooney, sem standa að framleiðslu hennar. Hljómsveitirnar sem koma fram í myndinni eru einnig skipaðar raunverulegum tónlistarmönnum sem að sögn sköpuðu magnaðar persónur á sviðinu. ,,Þetta var eins og maður væri á alvöru rokktónleikum. Ég var í áhorfendaskaranum að horfa á Steel Dragon spila og alls staðar í kringum mig var fólk að öskra af innlifun. Það leið meira að segja yfir eina stelpuna! Þetta var næstum því of raunverulegt”, segir Jennifer Aniston sem greinilega þótti mikið til “hljómsveitarmeðlimanna” koma.
En Jennifer sjálf þykir einnig standa sig nokkuð vel í hlutverki hinnar hversdagslegu Emily. Handritshöfundar myndarinnar höfðu reyndar nokkrar áhyggjur af því hvernig væri hægt að telja áhorfendum trú um það að rokkstjarnan Chris Cole (Mark Wahlberg) væri að horfa á eftir öðrum píum þegar hin “hversdagslega” kærasta hans er leikin af hinni kynþokkafullu Jennifer Aniston. En þær efasemdir höfðu ekki áhrif á leikstjóra Rock Star, Stephen Herek, sem augljóslega er ánægður með frammistöðu leikkonunnar: ,,Jennifer er mjög fær leikkona. Það eru fáir sem búa yfir þessari innbyggðu tilfinningu fyrir tímasetningu gamanleiksins sem hún hefur.”
Fyrir hina fjölmörgu aðdáendur Friends-þáttanna er það að segja að ekki hefur enn verið tekin lokaákvörðun um framtíð þeirra svo að líklega munum við geta notið þess að horfa á Jennifer Aniston og hina vinina í einhvern tíma enn. Svona rétt að lokum til þess að svala örlítið forvitni hinna slúðursjúkari lesenda, þá segist Jennifer vera mjög ánægð í hjónabandi sínu með stórleikaranum Brad Pitt þrátt fyrir að stundum erfitt sé að varðveita friðhelgi einkalífsins. Hún segir þau strax hafa skilið hvort annað ótrúlega vel og að síðastliðið ár hafi verið besta en jafnframt erfiðasta ár ævi sinnar. Hún tekur líka fram að þau vilji bæði eignast börn en svar hennar við þrálátum orðrómi er nei. Hún er ekki ófrísk!

mánudagur, júlí 10, 2006

Poema XX

Recuerdo el primer beso
Que te di.
Jamás olvidaré ese día
Por que me enamoré de ti.

Nunca pude sacarte de mi mente.
Nunca pude olvidarte
Pues tus labios quedaron
Grabados en los míos, desde aquél día.

A pesar que fue casualidad
Día, día te adueñaste de mi vida.
Fue ese día que empecé a quererte
Como nunca a nadie quise desde el primer día.

Fue mi tormento toda mi vida
Por no poder tocar tus labios nuevamente
Quise resignarme a perderte
Te digo que aun m sigues en mi mente.

Eras mujer prohibida.
Cuando yo llegué a tu vida.
Pero al llegar ese día
Fui yo el hombre que empezó
A amarte desde el primar día.

Author: Lázaro Luis Núñez Altuna