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laugardagur, maí 27, 2006


Mental and physical obstacles are a part of the lives of many of us. If we have decided to succeed in something, it can feel quite unfair and limiting to experience that our actions and progress are being hindered for no apparent reason.

We can try to object to this and decide to carry on, despite our chains of limitation. Of course it can become extremely difficult and hindering when obvious limitations and distractions stand in the way of our plans and expectations. In such circumstances it is crucial that we stay positive and courageous and that we choose to overcome our obstacles instead of succumbing to limitations and giving up.

Among other things, we must appreciate the true value of our actions and be sure that they are worth fighting for. We can never be absolutely positive that the things we want to grow and cherish, will do so without some sort of difficulties and problems arising. Usually we have to be assertive and goal-centered if we want to expirience desirable results from our plans and expectations.

It can not be denied that difficulties and obstractions can and will increase our experience and maturity. Obstacles are a challenge to overcome and there is nothing constructive about achieving all our goals with a minimum effort on our part. Those of us who really want to earn our share in life´s abundance know that projects that take a lot of hard work and sacrifice will grow and develope in our hands, eventually giving us a real reason to be proud of ourselves.

Obstacles vary and more often than not they are predecessors to good and interesting achievements. That is why it is essential to look at obstacles in a positive rather than a negative manner, even though they may be temporarily both prohibiting and limiting. It is neccessary that we strenghten our believe in the importance of not polluting our chances at being winners with depressive and morbid thoughts in times of obstacles and hinderings. Those of us who want to accomplish victory in as many a field as possible, must be determined not to let obvious obstacles drain our competitive will or our believe in the importance of what we are working at each time.

It is good to remind ourselves of the fact that those of us who are assertive and determined have a much better chance of overcoming obstacles and distractions than those of us who are weak and self-indulgent. It is wise that we remain hopeful and powerful when complexities and problems surround our goals and desires. That is why we should all completely reject obstacles as a hindering and enslavering force in our lives and existence. Look at a difficult situation as a challenging and victorious force-giver rather than demolishing and negative roadblock that will be hard to get pass and overcome, despite all good intentions.

föstudagur, maí 26, 2006

Seiðandi návist
ókunnra afla
kallar á einingu
við frumkraftinn.
En efnið
umvefur löngunina
og kæfir andann
í garði minninganna.
Og árin líða hjá
í fjaðraþyt tímans.

fimmtudagur, maí 25, 2006

Harmony Harperville
Harmony’s horrible advice

Aunt Tootsie from Toadville has been a nervous reck for the last few days. This fortune teller-obsessed Aunt of mine went to some old psychic bat, that informed her that her boyfriend Olav, who is a sailor, was rolling around in women somewhere in Africa. So poor Aunt Tootsie is completely miserable and totally depressed. She was so sure she could trust that guy. To make matters even worse, the fortune teller also told Aunt Tootsie that if she didn’t stop eaten all that chocolate, she could expect severe problems of a shady sort when Olav returned home. Aunt Tootsie was absolutely shocked and had difficulties in understanding these insulting implications, seeing that she has lost 4 whole pounds of 240 possible in the last five years and she’s quite proud of it. The poor old lady is in a horrible state. Mom and Dad have to put up with her crying hysterically every night. I on the other hand told her to stop whining and to erobics until her boyfriend’s return. I told her she should work out five times a week and preferrably on the weekends too if possible. Then she should walk about 18 miles both in the mornings and evenings. She should then eat only 3 of these meat flavoured cubes you put in soup about three times a day. I told her to also go to the sauna every afternoon amd drink about 15 liters of water a day while constantly doing breathing exercises in between drinks. If this wouldn’t melt about 60 pounds off in a jiffy then I told her to play some soccer and that she could have my old gym shoes if that made her feel any better. Aunt Tootsie followed my advice and quickly ended up in the hospital. Mom and Dad are furious at me and made me promise not to give any advice to friends or relatives in the nearest future. Well, I just can’t refrain from mentioning the fact that Aunt Tootsie managed to get through the whole program but I never told her to loose consciousness and end up in the hospital! That was something she came up with herself. I mean, that woman is so incredibly bossy and controlling! My best friend Joy says that my advice is excellent. Her brother Hallbert hasn’t dared to peek through the keyhole in her bedroom since I told her to put a straw through it every time she thought that creep was trying to spy on her. Poor girl was on the verge of running away from home because Hallbert had been giving the neighbourhood a thourough report on the size of her boobs from one day to the next. “My sister’s boobs have grown about an inch today, the growth rate seems to reach is peek after lunch though”. Can you imagen! The whole street was literally lining up by Joy’s keyhole when I came up with the brilliant straw idea. To tell the truth I think I saved her sanity, not to mention her boyfriend’s as well. Charlie, the nerd she was dating at the time, thought she was a sex maniac when he started hearing the stories from the neighbourhood. I really don’t think that it’s morally correct for me to stop giving advice since I obviously have my act together in those matters. God, I hope I will be discovered soon! I’m sooo cool. That’s for sure.

miðvikudagur, maí 24, 2006

As we know, the nature of humans is different and one of the qualities some people have is kindness. Being bad and negative is certainly easy but it can be very complicated and troublesome to be kind and just.
Goodness is among ather things, wishing others fortune in all circumstances. All forms of kindness are a force of a constructive and spiritual sort and should therefore enhance positive and healthy communications. It’s important to be good to others. It is no secret that those of us who are spiritually tuned in such a way, expirience pleasure and peace in our relations with others. Mercy is a people-loving and unselfish behaviour policy that comes when it is needed, if we allow it too. It brings those who receive it, blessing and spiritual profit. Generousity can come in many forms but it is always connected to a charitable and positive attitude.
We must ourselves cherish and nurture those elements in our inner life that we find desirable and suitable to enhance and polish. Kindness does not come to reality because of coinsidences or by itself. It needs to be grown and nurtured like anything else. But kindness is likelier to become a reality in our minds if we understand it’s purpose and if we consider it a desirable element of power and important in communications. Nobody will become materially rich by merely showing love to others but that person will instead be blessed with a peaceful and happy inner wealth that neither rust nor moth can destroy.
If we are unhappy with somebody, we should try to think of them in a positive rather than a negative manner. It’s wise to try to tone down a negative disposition towards those that we have conflicts with, preferring more enjoyable and kind thoughts instead. Love is never wasted even though some people seem to have difficulties in receiving it. To be a humanitarian and positive, must be a desirable goal for those who want to strenghten their kindness and others. We know that it’s easy to be kind to a person that is lovely and sweet. We also know that it takes a very healthy spiritual way of looking at life to be able to accept and cherish those who are stubborn and negative. Being noble and kind will increase the chances of more perfect communications because that kind of attitude towards life and others in general will underline our very best qualities.
It is best to build and nurture with extreme precision, behaviour that is full of kindness and nobility instead of behaviour that is full of spiritual coldness and similar miseries. Kindness is directly connected with a spiritually sophisticated and joyful life style. It strenghtens us as good, decent humans and that’s why it’s well worth nurturing in our inner life, especially if it’s not bountiful at the moment. It’s important to be people-loving and positive; to be able to share with those in need, our warmth, humane gentleness and spiritual dignity.

mánudagur, maí 22, 2006


Af gefnu tilefni getum við flest af og til fundið fyrir einhvers konar gleðileysi. Þegar þannig árar innra með okkur er hentugt að finna leið út úr depurðinni með því að gera eitthvað sem grípur huga okkar og sál föstum tökum og gefur okkur um leið góðar tilfinningar og heppilegar hugsanir.

Þegar við erum máttlítil og leið er jafnframt viturlegt að við gefum líf jákvæðum samskiptum við þá sem eru uppörvandi og glaðir. Hvers kyns vonbrigði í aðstæðum okkar og samskiptum við aðra eru vitanlega verkefni sem við þurfum að vinna úr og leysa af kostgæfni ef mögulegt er. Við eigum ekki að láta vonbrigði draga okkur niður í hyldýpi örvæntingar og ótta við líf sem við erum þrátt fyrir allt knúin til að lifa. Með þó nokkurri fyrirhöfn er hægt að temja sér gleði og yl hið innra ef við viljum það og þráum slíka líðan af einlægni og ákveðni.

Ekkert í innra lífi okkar er í raun svo snúið eða flókið að ekki sé hægt að takast á við það með ákveðnum aðgerðum ef við viljum og kjósum það í raun og veru. Tíma- bundin, ókát afstaða til tilverunnar og fólks er líkleg til þess að draga dilk vandræða á eftir sér ef við þjálfum okkur ekki í að bregðast rétt við henni. Það er auðvitað eðlilegt að heilbrigðir geta orðið vondaufir um tíma og þá sérstaklega er þeir sjá t.d. öll sín markmið fara fyrir lítið eða verða fyrir höfnum eða einhvers konar missi.

Öll sammannleg reynsla er margþætt og flókin auk þess að tengjast jafnt sorg sem gleði. Eftir því sem við höfum meiri þekkingu á innra eðli okkar því mun meiri líkur eru á að við getum unnið á dapurleikanum. Best er að við ákveðum að temja okkur gleði og þakklæti við sem flestar aðstæður og forðums að láta tímabundin vandræði gera okkur óvíg og leið. Dapurleiki er ekki óyfirstíganlegt ástand. Þess vegna er mikilvægt að við eflum í mæðunni nánast eingöngu það atferli og þær hugsanir sem ýta undir tiltrú okkar á betri og réttmætari líðan. Bjartsýni borgar sig í viðkvæmum aðstæðum og þá ekki síst í þeim sem okkur þykja gleðisnauðar eða óviðunandi um tíma.

Ef vilji er fyrir hendi getum við stjórnað afstöðu okkar til alls þess sem hendir okkur. Ágætt er því og eðlilegt að við einsetjum okkur fremur að velja að bregðast við örðugleikum með tiltrú á tilgang þeirra heldur en að láta þá í langan tíma gera okkur angurvær og hljóð. Við sem viljum getum líka breytt afstöðu okkar til þess sem við fáum ekki breytt og gerir okkur vondauf og döpur. Það gerum við t.d. með því að vera uppörvandi og jákær gagnvart sjálfum okkur og öðrum, hverjar svo sem aðstæður okkar eru.

Hyggilegast er að breyta dapurleika og lumbru í gleði og bjartsýni. Þannig afstaða auðveldar okkur að njóta þess sem er það dýrmætasta sem við eigum og það er lífið sjálft-þrátt fyrir að við gleymum því stundum af ómaklegu tilefni.


sunnudagur, maí 21, 2006

Komnar inn nýjar ljósmyndir!
Poema VIII

Llorando te encontré
Llorando te dejé
Por una decepción
Que yo no te causé.

Juro no ser tu mala suerte
Para no causarte la muerte.
Rogaré a Dios ser más fuerte
Para no volver a verte.

Si fui imprudente
Perdona por perturbar tu mente.
No es que quiera perderte
Te digo adiós sin conocerte.

Mi léxico no fue carente
Para comprender tu amor indiferente
No es que sea un hombre elocuente
Para amarte eternamente.

Autor: Lázaro Luis Núñez Altuna